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[20K] Revised 20K Timeline (updated April 2013)

17/03/2013 in 20K, Imp Lit News

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20K is the unofficial Warhammer 40,000 prequel series which I have been working on for a number of years. There are two “phases” to 20K and three “series” of stories.

The early stages of 20K, where humanity is emerging from its safe bases in Solar Segment and beginning to explore the galaxy, hoping to make contact with the fabled One Hundred Worlds. Human technology is limited and humanity begins to learn that alien races are generally hostile and untrustworthy.

A more confident and technically proficient

The following is a rough timeline including every 20K story that I am writing or plan to write. I have tried to remove as many spoilers as possible. Note that the timeline is subject to change and is undergoing constant revision.
This is “phase one” of 20K, a desperate time of derring-do. Phase 2, if I ever get that far, has a more mature and more adventurous tone with less of the grimness and grittiness of some of the earlier stories. Look for the crossovers and in-jokes as they appear. Fans of 40K as well as fans of general science fiction should find lots to be happy about.
Please ignore any repetitions or minor mistakes, this is the beta version and I already have the events right in my mind.
40K’s mysterious and exciting history finally comes to life in tales of terror and adventure. Join the brave human pioneers of the Terran Empire as they begin their expansion into a galaxy where anything is possible.
FRL = Fearless series
EW = Earthwatch series
SOL = Solstice series
Stories which do not have a series designation are independent stories (in TV parlance they would be “bottle shows”)
NOTE: Significant information is (deliberately) missing from the following timeline! Dates and events are subject to change.
20K Date Timeline
Date Unknown – The Eldar race has become factionalised by hedonism and decadence. Illegal fighting contests and worship of the proscribed god Khaine slowly overtake the fabled city-state of Commoranth, the City of Souls.
Date Unknown – A Chinasian colony receives human visitors who claim to be from the future. These visitors, mighty warriors who say their home planet was destroyed in a cataclysmic war, lend their efforts to the colony’s Human Genhancement Project – with horrific results. (“Faithless”)-[NOTE: This story is currently in progress as of August 2013]
975.M21 – Starships of the Alneran Republic, a hostile alien species whose territory lies within Solar Segment, encounter a mysterious alien being and take him prisoner. The strange hostage escapes when a Terran Navy ship attacks the Alnerans; the being will later turn up in Terran space, where his strange behaviour confounds his human rescuers. (“The Man Without A Past”)-[NOTE: This story is currently in progress as of March 2013]
978.M21 – XMS Southern Cross encounters R’Shan, a member of an unidentified alien species who has been conducting unknown warp experiments within Terran space. (“The Man From Nowhere”)
978.M21 – The Fireblade prototype fighter begins its initial tests, intended to replace the Saxon class fighter. While on combat manoeuvres, a squadron of Fireblades falls foul of a renegade Eldar space fighter. (“Flight of the Fireblade”)
985.M21 – The Centaur class light cruiser is commissioned, intended as a gradual replacement for the legendary Canyon class.
985.M21 – The Terran Empire discovers the first known Warp Gate within Solar Segment.
986.M21 – XMS Ontario and XMS Lexington are sent to investigate the Warp Gate. During the mission, a previously unknown problem with the Ontario’s Gellar Shield hurls the ship into a time-travelling, galaxy-spanning adventure, during which humanity makes first contact with followers of the daemon god Nurgle. (“Ghostwalkers”) [NOTE: This story is currently being revised as of March 2013]
986.M21 – An expedition team of the Pan-Pacific Treaty, a coalition of coporations and nation-states who wish to remain independent of the Terran Empire, discovers a world belonging to the long-vanished Chinasian Bloc. The world has long been abandoned, but the expedition discovers disturbing evidence that the colonists had been conducting genetic experiments influenced by men who claimed to have travelled from the distant future – a time of terrible civil war. (“Legacy of the Future”)
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Blades of Salvation, Part I

03/05/2011 in Warhammer 40K

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“What is it?” asked the boy, gazing at the strangely curved artifact that sat upon the dias before him. His young face was scrunched up with an expression of confusion.

“What is it? Well, I’m glad you asked, Jarren.” Inquisitor Vyktros Rayde looked at the boy, his white teeth set in an amused smile. “It’s important for a child like you to know the histories of our galaxy.”

“Histories?” replied Jarren with a quizzical tone. “Makedos says that the present is more important than the past. He says I have no need for histories.”

Rayde frowned. “Why do you believe what he tells you? You know Makedos cannot be trusted, nor can Zadakeus and all the rest. Remember what you have been taught; focus on the world you can see with your eyes, not the one that you can hear in your thoughts.”
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The Seer of Corrinto

07/02/2010 in Warhammer 40K

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The lander thundered through the skies of the Groden Moon, sweeping over the swampland below with the sound of screaming ram-jets. Its escorts, two similar painted grey-blue Lightenings peeled off and arced back into the sky. The Aquila class lander kept on going, powering barely three metres above the forest canopy. Strange reptilian birds and furry winged mammals fluttered angrily into the sky, squawking at the new predator invading their territory.

“This is nothing short of heresy!” Interrogator Rufus Thracken growled from inside the cockpit, peering with disgust at the green-grey swamps below. The swamp-forest covered the moon as far as the eye could see, a vast snot-green ocean of overgrow fungus spewed under a sickly ochre sky. “We should simply kill this witch and have done with it! Not consort with the fiend!”

“Hold your tongue Rufus, or I will have Orgustos cut it out. That’s strike one. Your words are beginning to sound a lot like insubordination.” Exander purred with a half-smile, giving his subordinate a sidelong stare with cold eyes as he tightened his gloves. His yellow irises almost made the Interrogator shudder. Almost.

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22/12/2009 in Warhammer 40K

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It was already past midnight when Interrogator Malik Joon arrived at the House called Evermont. The bright beams of the limousine’s headlights swept across the tall hive mansion.

The Evermont lurked behind leafless trees, implanted long ago to add colour to the oppressive High Gothic architecture of the large, rambling buildings. Joon thought it looked typical of the sort of hab-houses you might find nestled into the mid-hives, full of the character the middle classes exude into their homes. He didn’t need to be a psyker to sense the mix of snobbery imbedded in the very rockcrete, as if the buildings wedged between the upper and the lower hives found themselves disdainful of one class and resentful of the other.

A faint light gleamed from the walk-level lamps as the private car swung into the drive past two deactivated servitor-sentries guarding the Evermont’s approach, their flesh slowly decaying with disuse.

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The Inquisitor’s Disguise

23/04/2009 in Warhammer 40K

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Montrath sat in the chair, pretending to listen to the petty squabbles of the other people in the conference-room. His great mind was elsewhere, doing other things. With his immense psychic talent, Montrath called out to his familiar.

Where are you now, Kox?

Kox’s shrill, lilting mind-voice responded,

I am in the throne-room. Things here are just getting interesting.

Very good. Keep an eye on the governor’s chair. I want to make sure that there is no trickery going on.

As you command, master.

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The Gift

09/04/2009 in Warhammer 40K

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“Good day!”

The call made Meredith look up from her doll and at the man who was standing right at the fence of the farm.

“Stay here, Jessica,” she ordered firmly as she made her rag doll sit in the snow, before taking two cautious steps towards the man.

“Good day!” called the man again. “I’m looking for Alice March?”

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The Inquisitor’s Resolve

26/03/2009 in Warhammer 40K

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To serve without question.
To be loyal, honest, and true.
To stand by your master’s side.
Always, no matter how perilous his quest.
Or how dangerous and long his wanderings.
That, is the greatest thing a familiar can aspire to.

Inquisitor Montrath sat at his desk, writing. His pen scratched along the page, the sound was comforting to him. Montrath finished the page, only a few more pages left to go. His life’s experience was poured into this tome, all his years of fighting the Dark Powers. They needed to be chronicled.

The Inquisitor dunked his pen in its ink-pot, but when the pen re-emerged there was no ink on it. Frowning, the Inquisitor handed the empty pot to his diminutive familiar, a hooded individual who stood faithfully by Montrath’s chair.

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