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[40K] Deal with the Daemon

11/09/2012 in Warhammer 40K

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Deal With the Daemon

A Warhammer 40,000 story by Maugan Ra


Warp light bloomed and the daemonic assessors of the Black Tontine stepped forth even as the sorcerer lay dying. They came because my actions have violated the Tontine, and their very presence drove needles into our minds. Shrine gates rattled and the Aquila wept molten tears.
– The journals of Inquisitor Lord Felroth Gelt

Samuel Krista staggered down the hallway, his steps unsteady and his mind clouded by the drink. Up until mere moments ago he had been fast asleep, but then had come the knocking. Loud and insistent, it had echoed throughout his tiny hab with enough volume to jolt his addled mind into wakefulness. He didn’t know who it was, but by the Emperor, they were going to receive such a beating for waking him like this!

“I’m coming, curse you!” He roared, spittle flying past yellowed and broken teeth, pausing to snatch up a heavy metal club from its rack by the door. He was an Overseer, damn it all, and you didn’t treat an overseer with such disrespect!

With a feral snarl, Krista wrenched open the door, raised the club above his head, and stopped dead. A cold weight settled in his stomach, and slowly he lowered his weapon, letting it drop to the ground with a clatter. Beads of a sweat formed on his brow, even though the air flowing in through the open door was achingly cold.

There were three of them, taller than any man he had ever met and clad in long black robes like morbid Administratum functionaries. All three of them stood a few paces from his door, their hands hidden inside the folds of their robes and their heads bowed. Licking his lips, Krista took a step backwards, thinking desperately of the window at the other end of the corridor. He could make it, he was sure, if he started running right now…

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[40K] Illumination

25/08/2012 in Warhammer 40K

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A Justus Crix Story
By Peter Thornton

As always, I shivered at the sight of Inquisitor Globus Varaak. His bloated form scarcely contained by the black body glove that covered what remains of his human form, his left arm and both his legs replaced by crude mechanical constructs hardwired into his spine as part of the life support carriage that supported him. Tubes stretched from the hissing machines at his back to his pock marked face. He spoke through a vox castor wired into the ruin of scar tissue that remained of his throat. He was a broken and twisted shell of a man.

He was also one of the most powerful men in the Calixis sector.
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by modog11

Quotes from Around the Imperium

12/05/2011 in Warhammer 40K

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“They have cast a fire of sin on the land, and are guarding it until it is an unquenchable inferno. Bring forth the waters of hell…”         Inquisitor Kalhn, at the outset of the Purging of Demelor IV
“My Brothers! Never has our faith encountered so insidious an enemy! Never have we had to fight so bitter a threat. The dark minds of the aggressor will not rest until they have destroyed the memory of our enlightenment utterly; or until they themselves are brought to faith! To arms my brothers, to arms!”

Final words of the demagogue Ihran Veil, as recorded by the sensor array on the Vindicare assassin’s headset prior to Veil’s subsequent elimination.


“Who can say what drives them? We can only say that any planet overrun by them is seemingly annihilated, and that a terrible hatred is said to be imbued into their very being. A hatred of all things warm and living. Rumours are spoken in fearful whispers about the Old Ones, ancient, mad gods from the dawn of time; leading these cold killers from silent tombs. Personally, I see little to fear. We are protected by a planetary defence system unrivalled in this sub-sector, and over one hundred thousand members of the PDF stand between any incursion and this hive’s occupants. The Governor’s main concerns are mostly regarding “Ogshnak Grishtak’s” marauding Orkish fleets, not a half-imagined legion of long-dead ghosts. Don’t worry my friend, you can sleep peacefully I am sure.”
Extract of a letter from Jaynor Fi-Quin, first assistant to the Governor of Condor Prime’s Secretary, to a personal friend (both resident in Condoria Magna). Twenty-seven hours later several Necron vessels of varying size and class rapidly penetrated the defence ring. The ruined remains of Condoria Magna, not to mention several other sizeable hive-cities, were discovered when the first PDF detachments finally arrived on the scene of the landings. Of an estimated 145 million residents, only 47 have thus far been found alive, and a further 79 million found dead. Of the 47 survivors, only 8 were capable of coherent speech, amongst them Jaynor Fi-Quin. All were absolved by the Ecclesiarchy through death.


“In my right hand I carry the Emperor’s justice! With my left I enforce His will! Above me flock His Angels of Fury! And you think I fear you? The Emperor has no place for abominations in His universe!”

Grand-Master LePole of the Blazing Fists Space Marine Chapter, in challenge to the Chaos war leader Malcoer Ceth on Arca Tertiary.


“Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen! The time has come! No longer will we wallow in obscurity and watch our illustrious heritage waste away into dust. No longer will the masses rule our streets and despoil our land. No longer will we, the true un-tainted elite, be cast aside as worthless scions of a long-gone age! Tonight the new order begins! Tonight, Taransa will taste order! Raise your glasses for one last toast, and then load your weapons. Tonight, we hunt.”

Quintinian Fellio Nagaram DiTaransasai, 1412th Marquis of Taransa, at a dinner-party hosted by the Duke of Carvel, addressing a party of high-class land-owners. Hours after this was recorded, DiTaransasai began a two-year long mass program of murder, killing over 65% of the working class population of the northern continent of Taransa – a total of almost 128 million Imperial citizens. The governor of the system, Elebe Dirai, applauded his actions; citing the longstanding disobedience of the populace as excellent grounds for mass execution*. However, since the sheer volume of deaths caused a 15-year long economic depression across the whole system, Dirai was forced to place DiTaransasai under permanent house arrest in his 445 room mansion, and to pay a heavy fine. A Ministerium report recorded just punishment.

*Interestingly, only 5 years after this campaign, a large-scale uprising in the northern continent by the people had to be put down by almost three regiments of Guardsmen. Evidently in this region the use of extraordinary force is not entirely effective, or needs to be applied more judiciously.


“4: And so the Valiant Ares passed out of Herosh Gitam into the Linithean Gulf, with all the vessels of Cedus in her wake. 5: Through Linithea to Manit-Ko’aon called the Refuge the fleet did pass, where they rested for a month. Manit-Ko’aon was called the Refuge for here they did rest. 6: It was at this time, in Manit-Ko’aon which was called the Refuge, where the IMPERATOR first passed his wisdom down to Baa’t, son of Hura of the line of Nathaniel. 7: “Go unto the Ceduans and tell them that they are to travel without Geller Fields as far as Nen-Hud in the Dominica Sector. For I am around them and among them and shall protect them” Said the IMPERATOR unto Baa’t. 8: Baa’t was afraid and cried out in anguish to the Light; “Light of the Darkness how can I do this that thou ask? How will they know I speak truth from thee?” 9: The IMPERATOR said unto Baa’t “They shall know by the fire of thy tongue and the force of thy hand. When they say ‘Thou speak false and shall be killed for thine blasphemy’ say unto them ‘The Light is in me’ and a fire shall spring from thy tongue. 10: When they say ‘Thou art a demon or are possessed and shall be cleansed by destruction’ reach out thine hand and speak my NAME so that they may feel my power through thee.’ 11: And so Baa’t went forth unto the Ceduans and said ‘Listen to me for I speak truth! Rely not on the Geller Fields, but rely on the IMPERATOR for thy defence!’ 12: When the people heard what Baa’t said, they were afraid and made accusations against Baa’t to quiet him. They said ‘Thou art a liar and shall be killed.’13: But Baa’t said ‘The Light is in me’ and fire sprang up from his tongue and the people were quietened. 14: Amongst the people some remained who turned from the Light’s truth and said of Baa’t ‘He is a demon or else possessed by demons, and we must cleanse him through destruction as the Constitutions demand’. 15: But Baa’t put forth his hand and spoke the NAME of the Light, and the people felt the Light’s power through Baa’t. 16: And so the Ceduans set out from Manit-Ko’aon without Geller Fields, and came unto the system of Nen-Hud. Not one ship was lost or damaged; no engine or hull-plate attacked. 17: For the IMPERATOR was with them and among them and was their defence from the Warp.”

Extract from Chapter 7 (vv. 4-17) of the Book of Baa’t from the Ekhad Cycle, a religious book mostly suppressed in the Imperium by the Inquisition due to heresies within its pages. However for various reasons, and after much debate and extensive defensive editing, extracts were released for scholarly study to certain trusted individuals in the Ecclesiarchy’s upper echelons. This passage has come into slightly wider use as an example of how faith in the Emperor’s divine power and presence can overcome anything, even the immesurable power and menace of the Warp.


“Give me an Imperial Man’o’War, and I’ll give you the universe”

Flag-Captain Jaystor DeMiglio to Admiral Velik Van der Hugot at the outset of the Ecran Crusade


“Bayaatu Mayellati! Siniata Kama Bayaatu! Akwanolo mi walu Bayaatu.”

Common worshipful chant, in the local dialect, from Mbinguni III. A rough translation runs something like ‘The Emperor Protects! Praise the Great Emperor! Indeed we have the Emperor’s love.”


“I feel a new dawn rising. Tomorrow we will step forth onto that blasted plain, everyone of us, and march forth towards glorious victory or else to oblivion. Tomorrow, we will decide the fate of our people. We stand on the brink of annihilation; to fail here is to condemn everything we have worked for. To succeed is to pass into history in a blaze of glory. I will not send you out to your deaths alone – I will lead you forth. None can avoid this final test. I shall not try to.”

Final address of Marshall Kyson before the Battle of Pollifar Green, notorious in the history of the Fallas Conflict as the bloodiest battle in terms of militia and conscript deaths. Although few records survive from that region after several Chapters of Astartes wiped out the Chaos invaders in the system over the course of a few years, tentative estimates suggest that Marshall Kyson led over four hundred thousand infantry, perhaps half of them actually armed with weapons, across the 15 kilometre long strip of land just 800m wide between the Jury’s Redoubt and Pollinear Ridge. Unsupported by armour, artillery, air cover or orbital bombardments, the attack was a disaster. The few reports that made it out of the area suggested that the estimated thirty thousand traitors stationed along the length of Pollinear Ridge simply set their weapons to auto and stepped back to watch the massacre. Although horrifically expensive in terms of loss of life, Kyson’s desperate gambit allowed the Techpriest Fitzlear Gaon to escape with the Veruy Key, preventing a cataclysmic collapse of the system’s star.


“Come to me, oh Bretheren! Build together a temple of bones and an altar of skulls! Lift your lips to the red rain and sate the unquenchable thirst! Come to me and praise Him by my side! We offer worship and devotion to the Blood-drinker! We offer our own bodies and blood to the ultimate honour of sacrifice – come now with me Brothers to the White Plains, and await the benediction of the Feasters!”

Last address of the heretic and psyker Juran Ho’pau to the so-called “Convocation of the Brothers of Asinis” before the whole Convocation (around 240,000 former residents of Kattimar Secondary, converts to the heretical teachings of Ho’pau during the –BLOCKED- system uprising) marched over 30km to the edge of a small desert where the local predator called a Boneworm proceeded to devour all of them. Pict-drones watching from high altitude recorded the whole event and it is astonishing viewing: not one person tried to escape the rampaging creature, who rose up out of the dust (later testing has shown that the dust is in fact millenia-old bone, ground to powder by the elements and the digestive systems of the Boneworms) swallowing hundreds of people at a time, or slither across the surface with its large mouth wide open to scoop its prey up as it went. Rough estimates suggest that from the size and average depth of the ‘White Plains’ that there are the powdered remains of upwards of 960 million humans in the bone-dust desert. At the time of writing, the planet in question, -BLOCKED- was facing an Exterminatus Extremis order by both the Ecclesiarchy and the Inquisition.


“Cancers are excised wherever they are found. If they are found early, they can be removed by a surgeon’s scalpel and the patient saved. If they spread far and wide around the body however, then the patient may die. If the cancer is allowed to grow unchecked for too long there is no saving the victim, and they surely die – their body consigned to the flames. The same can be said of heresy. Catch it early in the mind of a man, and he may be saved, through quick and decisive action, and only if he is willing to be saved. The same can be said of any society – catch it early, in a small number of individuals and it can be excised carefully and quickly without harming the whole. Unnoticed heresy will spread and fester, growing in strength and passing to others with ever increasing speed. Eventually it will take over and whole planets can be lost to its insidious embrace. The Inquisition is a physician with a scalpel. Where we find heresy we cut it out and destroy it. We work carefully and with the same delicacy as a surgeon – and by acting so we save the whole. But sometimes we are too late, or heresy goes un-noticed for too long. And then the time for the scalpel ends, and we must bring forth the torch.”

Inquisitor Joranati Payquelle D’Anzia, minutes before she ordered the Battlecruiser Justice of Pyron to commence a void-bomb bombardment that annihilated the entire population of Chernobak VI.

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Blades of Salvation, Part I

03/05/2011 in Warhammer 40K

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“What is it?” asked the boy, gazing at the strangely curved artifact that sat upon the dias before him. His young face was scrunched up with an expression of confusion.

“What is it? Well, I’m glad you asked, Jarren.” Inquisitor Vyktros Rayde looked at the boy, his white teeth set in an amused smile. “It’s important for a child like you to know the histories of our galaxy.”

“Histories?” replied Jarren with a quizzical tone. “Makedos says that the present is more important than the past. He says I have no need for histories.”

Rayde frowned. “Why do you believe what he tells you? You know Makedos cannot be trusted, nor can Zadakeus and all the rest. Remember what you have been taught; focus on the world you can see with your eyes, not the one that you can hear in your thoughts.”
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The Seer of Corrinto

07/02/2010 in Warhammer 40K

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The lander thundered through the skies of the Groden Moon, sweeping over the swampland below with the sound of screaming ram-jets. Its escorts, two similar painted grey-blue Lightenings peeled off and arced back into the sky. The Aquila class lander kept on going, powering barely three metres above the forest canopy. Strange reptilian birds and furry winged mammals fluttered angrily into the sky, squawking at the new predator invading their territory.

“This is nothing short of heresy!” Interrogator Rufus Thracken growled from inside the cockpit, peering with disgust at the green-grey swamps below. The swamp-forest covered the moon as far as the eye could see, a vast snot-green ocean of overgrow fungus spewed under a sickly ochre sky. “We should simply kill this witch and have done with it! Not consort with the fiend!”

“Hold your tongue Rufus, or I will have Orgustos cut it out. That’s strike one. Your words are beginning to sound a lot like insubordination.” Exander purred with a half-smile, giving his subordinate a sidelong stare with cold eyes as he tightened his gloves. His yellow irises almost made the Interrogator shudder. Almost.

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22/12/2009 in Warhammer 40K

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It was already past midnight when Interrogator Malik Joon arrived at the House called Evermont. The bright beams of the limousine’s headlights swept across the tall hive mansion.

The Evermont lurked behind leafless trees, implanted long ago to add colour to the oppressive High Gothic architecture of the large, rambling buildings. Joon thought it looked typical of the sort of hab-houses you might find nestled into the mid-hives, full of the character the middle classes exude into their homes. He didn’t need to be a psyker to sense the mix of snobbery imbedded in the very rockcrete, as if the buildings wedged between the upper and the lower hives found themselves disdainful of one class and resentful of the other.

A faint light gleamed from the walk-level lamps as the private car swung into the drive past two deactivated servitor-sentries guarding the Evermont’s approach, their flesh slowly decaying with disuse.

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Marneus Calgar’s Barmy Army: Part 1

20/11/2009 in Warhammer 40K

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= Ultramarine Chapter History =

The Astonishing War Record of the Ultramarines

30th Millennium – The Ultramarines number at least 500,000 men. God, 500,000 of the sods. Thank the Lord for Horus.

31st Millennium – Horus leads the largest warhost of Chaos ever known in the invasion of Earth. Roboute Gulliman and his entire Legion of Ultramarines are at the other side of the galaxy. Gulliman will later write the book on tactical thinking.

31st Millennium – After the Heresy army is destroyed, Gulliman writes a book of military tactics. There is a huge rush of demand for this book. Many copies were returned when it was discovered Gulliman omitted the “How to avoid pitched battles by travelling to the other end of the Milky Way on a goose chase and staying there til the war is over” chapter. It is considered a wacky coincidence that the Imperium which relies on Gulliman’s book also worships a corpse.

31st Millennium – The Ultramarines are split into numerous Chapters. Try as we might, it’s hard to find something funny to say about this. Roboute Gulliman pegs it in combat. The Ultramarines preserve his body in a sus-an field. Everyone thinks this is a bit weird, as it is like taking a deceased grandparent to the taxidermist.

32nd Millennium – By now the Ultras are charging admission to see their Primarch. Gulliman’s position within the field is altered so that he appears to be rearing up like a ferocious bear. This is very popular with children and less so with purists.

41st Millennium – Marneus Calgar is born.


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04/06/2009 in Warhammer 40K

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I can smell it, the arid stench of Delo’s blood, dripping onto my brown jacket. It reeks of tainted putrescence, of an innocence long gone, of an unspeakable rot, and as I twist my blade free of Delo’s disfigured body, the weapon cutting its way out of his chest like a scythe out of dirt, I can smell the blood splash across my jacket. It stains the vest, burning into the seams and weaving down to the red shirt underneath, puddling up around my boots as it drips to the floor and through the wrinkles of my torn black pants. Drip-drop. Drip-drop.

Delo gazes at me unforgivingly, his dead eyes as vacant as the hall we stand in, his cold face rippled with the abborations of a bygone deity that had long since abandoned the maddened collectorate. Once, Delo had been a man, as much a human as the young girls heaped in piles at the back of the hall, the dead children whose pallid skin reeked of death as much as their murderer’s blood did now. Once, Delo had been a respected official, a servant of the Emperor and the government of Estios. Once, but that was a long time ago. A very, very long time ago. He made his decisions, he made his choices. And that is why he is dead now, an erect corpse wobbling on boney legs.

Delo topples to the floor as his legs finally give way to the most literally dead weight above them; the dead weight they had carried for however many years the lanky abomination had been wandering, cast aside by the very power he had turned to like some sort of deformed, unwanted child. His body cracks as it connects with the dusty wooden panels, blood welling in a pool around him, the gaping hole in his chest revealing a twisting labyrinth of empty veins and defunct arteries.

A shriveled heart wilts, barely visible within the hole, its pulse still. That heart had stopped beating a very long time ago, the blood in Delo’s veins long since dried out. Ever since he made his choices, ever since he grew ambitious, grew the idea, grew it much like the cold bodies at the back of the room might have once grown plants or animals or cotton, to foresake his Emperor. My Emperor.

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Steel and Ashes

21/05/2009 in Warhammer 40K

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The Shadow Gallery is renowned across a dozen systems as a work of art. It acts as the council chambers of this world, the seat of power for its Hive-lords and magi, the room where men and women make the decisions that rule the lives of millions in this hive alone. A large amphitheatre of marble and steel, decorated in an old Terran style of scrollwork and fluted columns, it is roofed by a great psyk-reactive crystal dome that resembled shadow-haunted diamond. The acoustics are reputed to be perfect and it is said on a silent day in these vaunted chambers you can hear the shadows dance and flicker from one facet of the crystal to another.

I shattered that silence quite nicely by kicking the doors off their hinges.

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The Inquisitor’s Disguise

23/04/2009 in Warhammer 40K

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Montrath sat in the chair, pretending to listen to the petty squabbles of the other people in the conference-room. His great mind was elsewhere, doing other things. With his immense psychic talent, Montrath called out to his familiar.

Where are you now, Kox?

Kox’s shrill, lilting mind-voice responded,

I am in the throne-room. Things here are just getting interesting.

Very good. Keep an eye on the governor’s chair. I want to make sure that there is no trickery going on.

As you command, master.

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