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[40K] Marneus Calgar’s Barmy Army: Calgar’s Kidney Stone (part 2)

25/12/2014 in Warhammer 40K

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“Where’s that bloody tech marine?”

Dick had had to enlist three other Ultramarines to help him give a chair-lift to Marneus Calgar. The fat, complaining Chapter Master had point-blank refused to strip out of his armour for the journey. He was paranoid about “That new girl seeing my nipples”.

They’d worked up a fine sweat by the time they reached the transport bay. Unfortunately the bay, which was more of a circular, open-air arena which perpetually stank of promethium, was almost empty. The floor of the bay was streaked with black stains. Above them, the winter sky was a brooding presence.

“He’s uninstalling Firefox from all our computer systems, sir, and loading Opera in their place.”

“Why in the name of Bob Hoskins did I ask him to do that?”

“You need to work harder on those memory tests, sir. The Inquisition declared Firefox to be more bloated than Nurgle’s colon and you were sick of having your computer freeze for five minutes every time you started Firefox up. Said the waiting made your bollocks retract into your hips.”

“Tech-Priest Nerdingham is the laziest, most unmotivated slob in the region,” said Calgar without irony. “The first time he ever does anything I ask him to is the day my kidney goes kamikaze. He was supposed to be working on the Rhinos today!”

“You put the fear of Guilliman into him, my Lord, by threatening him thus: ‘I don’t give a flying feth about the tanks, mate, you either install Opera or spend five minutes in the nerve glove, pain level ‘watching the European intro to Gran Turismo 5.'”

“That’s quite a good impression of me,” Calgar said, not sure whether to be impressed or go into one of his tantrums. “You even pronounced our Primarch’s name correctly. Hardly anybody does that.”

(Unfortunately, dear reader, even I don’t know how to pronounce that name, and I’ve been taking it in vein for more than a decade!)

There was a familiar buzzing crack; not of the lord Calgar’s flatulence for a delightful change, but an incoming lasgun shot.

“Look out, sir!” Dick yelled, almost flipping the Chapter Master out of their grasp as he tumbled the group of Ultramarines sideways.

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[40K] Rise of the Tau (part 1)

20/10/2014 in Warhammer 40K

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A Warhammer 40,000 epic by Revenant


Time most distant, future’s zenith.
In tears, the star-sea mourns.
Isha’s children lament. All is lost to arrogance, grand designs soured by success, dreams are dust.
Shattered and done, the progeny set sail for the forever-beyond, flight borne on the tides of shame.
To dwindle and expire, forever denied.
The New Star burns too intense to douse, unchecked, untamed. Gods despair.
Tide surges, the end time is come.

Future’s path runs red as Khaine-blood, Hate-Winter rages, the portents scream their siren song. The song of Ulthanash is silent, Isha’s eye closed in slumber. Asuryan’s Shrine-light flickers and dies. The Cosmic Serpent reveals the truth and sheds his final skin. The Rebirth is denied. The Doom of Eldanesh comes to pass, the Red Moon rises.
The Rhana Dandra is come, let young and old cower before the chaos of the end.

The New Star will rise unprecedented, all the dread despoilers of the old kingdom quail beneath its fire.
Dead-King shivers on his maggot-throne as the Tide assails his walls, his kingdom lost.
Locust flees, no longer to plague creation-fields, feast denied.
Slave-puppets, once free, now lie in chains, conquered anew, rebellion’s essence bound in blood.
Long-Dead are exhumed, tombs razed. There shall be no flight, no peace in death. Their gods shall tremble.
Damned Shores become bastion as Dark Souls return. Exodus-flight before the rising swell. Denizens of Under-Kingdom cower behind its gates as the Tide surges.
Shame-Kin be damned in the bowels of the Webway, vermin scuttling in filth and terror, afraid of the ragescream storm above. Let them gather souls in shame and desperate haste, past sins quail as the All-Thirst is quenched. The brightest hope may lie amongst the darkest of shadow, the Learned Mongrel-Soul exhumed to see a destiny fulfilled.
Many Mighty Kings shall offer their swords to the Tide. None shall escape. None shall escape.

Skeins divided, hope defiant. Light and darkness heed, else collide and be damned. Fractured is as death, no other path leads to hope.
Existence-Tree be razed to its roots, bitter leaves cleansed. Then can hope’s light flicker. All forgotten to the core of creation. Then can hope’s flame catch the breeze.
Let the Lost Princes of the Young gather, shoulder to shoulder they alone may weather the Hate-Winter’s wrath.
Bright Hope’s flame still burns deep in the shadows of the Dead Land, too powerful to extinguish forever. Soul Beacon, the Horn of Kurnous will sound the call to war. They shall gather, let but some of their names be known.
The Revenant. The First-And-Ever Lords of War. The Lost Princes. The Wrathful Masters. The Reapers of Light. The Stolen Giant. The Prophet. The Last Avenger. The Entombed Ancient. The Oracle. The Blazing Rebel.
All these names and more shall stand ready as the Rhana Dandra dawns and the light of the Final Day casts her glow upon armour and weapon.

Maelstrom, life and death gather for war, old and young collide beneath the Red Moon. Origin revealed, too sour a taste to accept.
It matters not, what is, is.
Gods splintered reform in deed to counter the twilight. The children rise, menagerie gather in bitter winds of division’s death. Choice is murdered for all time, no longer sustainable in revealed irrelevance.
Diversity is power, the only power left unconsumed. Youth’s vigour an appetite insatiable above all else, desperation will rule the firmament. There can be no more old-thought. Every shadow will shift, writhe with hidden stirring. Life’s last breath must be deep.

Let them stand on the Final Shore as one, faces turned to the Tide. I have seen future’s zenith. I have seen crux and apex. Past, present and future united. Enmity is not survival. History rewritten at its very core, primeval puzzle complete.
One must tell the tale. Paths cannot be altered, only destinations revealed.
Unity. When the ash-wake clears, no more division, only Unity.
The Great Unity will prevail.

–Translation of ancient eldar tablet found on Cadia. Artefact thought to be the oldest example of eldar archaeology yet discovered.–

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[20K] Revised 20K Timeline (updated April 2013)

17/03/2013 in 20K, Imp Lit News

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20K is the unofficial Warhammer 40,000 prequel series which I have been working on for a number of years. There are two “phases” to 20K and three “series” of stories.

The early stages of 20K, where humanity is emerging from its safe bases in Solar Segment and beginning to explore the galaxy, hoping to make contact with the fabled One Hundred Worlds. Human technology is limited and humanity begins to learn that alien races are generally hostile and untrustworthy.

A more confident and technically proficient

The following is a rough timeline including every 20K story that I am writing or plan to write. I have tried to remove as many spoilers as possible. Note that the timeline is subject to change and is undergoing constant revision.
This is “phase one” of 20K, a desperate time of derring-do. Phase 2, if I ever get that far, has a more mature and more adventurous tone with less of the grimness and grittiness of some of the earlier stories. Look for the crossovers and in-jokes as they appear. Fans of 40K as well as fans of general science fiction should find lots to be happy about.
Please ignore any repetitions or minor mistakes, this is the beta version and I already have the events right in my mind.
40K’s mysterious and exciting history finally comes to life in tales of terror and adventure. Join the brave human pioneers of the Terran Empire as they begin their expansion into a galaxy where anything is possible.
FRL = Fearless series
EW = Earthwatch series
SOL = Solstice series
Stories which do not have a series designation are independent stories (in TV parlance they would be “bottle shows”)
NOTE: Significant information is (deliberately) missing from the following timeline! Dates and events are subject to change.
20K Date Timeline
Date Unknown – The Eldar race has become factionalised by hedonism and decadence. Illegal fighting contests and worship of the proscribed god Khaine slowly overtake the fabled city-state of Commoranth, the City of Souls.
Date Unknown – A Chinasian colony receives human visitors who claim to be from the future. These visitors, mighty warriors who say their home planet was destroyed in a cataclysmic war, lend their efforts to the colony’s Human Genhancement Project – with horrific results. (“Faithless”)-[NOTE: This story is currently in progress as of August 2013]
975.M21 – Starships of the Alneran Republic, a hostile alien species whose territory lies within Solar Segment, encounter a mysterious alien being and take him prisoner. The strange hostage escapes when a Terran Navy ship attacks the Alnerans; the being will later turn up in Terran space, where his strange behaviour confounds his human rescuers. (“The Man Without A Past”)-[NOTE: This story is currently in progress as of March 2013]
978.M21 – XMS Southern Cross encounters R’Shan, a member of an unidentified alien species who has been conducting unknown warp experiments within Terran space. (“The Man From Nowhere”)
978.M21 – The Fireblade prototype fighter begins its initial tests, intended to replace the Saxon class fighter. While on combat manoeuvres, a squadron of Fireblades falls foul of a renegade Eldar space fighter. (“Flight of the Fireblade”)
985.M21 – The Centaur class light cruiser is commissioned, intended as a gradual replacement for the legendary Canyon class.
985.M21 – The Terran Empire discovers the first known Warp Gate within Solar Segment.
986.M21 – XMS Ontario and XMS Lexington are sent to investigate the Warp Gate. During the mission, a previously unknown problem with the Ontario’s Gellar Shield hurls the ship into a time-travelling, galaxy-spanning adventure, during which humanity makes first contact with followers of the daemon god Nurgle. (“Ghostwalkers”) [NOTE: This story is currently being revised as of March 2013]
986.M21 – An expedition team of the Pan-Pacific Treaty, a coalition of coporations and nation-states who wish to remain independent of the Terran Empire, discovers a world belonging to the long-vanished Chinasian Bloc. The world has long been abandoned, but the expedition discovers disturbing evidence that the colonists had been conducting genetic experiments influenced by men who claimed to have travelled from the distant future – a time of terrible civil war. (“Legacy of the Future”)
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Banners Held High I – Recruit

05/12/2012 in Warhammer 40K

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A Warhammer 40,000 story by RedPen1089

Over the smoke and the screams, atop even the mighty canyon pillars of the hive city’s incomprehensible heights, he could make out the banners.

The hab-lighting had been cut out or shot out.  From his crawlspace, under the largest single-iron lumin-pole, the dim figures clustering at the artery’s mouth was legion.  Beyond number.  Thousands upon thousands of figures, pressed together in a line two dozen men wide, and easily just as deep.  The Evernight of Mordian’s habitable half gave the milling figures presence.  Even at two kilometres, the roared commands and boot-thumps reached his frayed, dirty ears.

He couldn’t tell what time it was.  None of the decaying city-slum quarters had chronometers.  The buildings he sheltered beside weren’t full of the twinkle and glow of the Upper Echelons- they were dark, rust-ensnared shells of industries long dead, long decayed.  Faint cogs adorned the kilometre-high black-grey superstructures; the leavings of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

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[40K] Deal with the Daemon

11/09/2012 in Warhammer 40K

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Deal With the Daemon

A Warhammer 40,000 story by Maugan Ra


Warp light bloomed and the daemonic assessors of the Black Tontine stepped forth even as the sorcerer lay dying. They came because my actions have violated the Tontine, and their very presence drove needles into our minds. Shrine gates rattled and the Aquila wept molten tears.
– The journals of Inquisitor Lord Felroth Gelt

Samuel Krista staggered down the hallway, his steps unsteady and his mind clouded by the drink. Up until mere moments ago he had been fast asleep, but then had come the knocking. Loud and insistent, it had echoed throughout his tiny hab with enough volume to jolt his addled mind into wakefulness. He didn’t know who it was, but by the Emperor, they were going to receive such a beating for waking him like this!

“I’m coming, curse you!” He roared, spittle flying past yellowed and broken teeth, pausing to snatch up a heavy metal club from its rack by the door. He was an Overseer, damn it all, and you didn’t treat an overseer with such disrespect!

With a feral snarl, Krista wrenched open the door, raised the club above his head, and stopped dead. A cold weight settled in his stomach, and slowly he lowered his weapon, letting it drop to the ground with a clatter. Beads of a sweat formed on his brow, even though the air flowing in through the open door was achingly cold.

There were three of them, taller than any man he had ever met and clad in long black robes like morbid Administratum functionaries. All three of them stood a few paces from his door, their hands hidden inside the folds of their robes and their heads bowed. Licking his lips, Krista took a step backwards, thinking desperately of the window at the other end of the corridor. He could make it, he was sure, if he started running right now…

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[40K] Service in His Shadow

31/08/2012 in Warhammer 40K

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Jorawar1’s comment: This gentlemen and ladies is the best fan fiction available on the web. which in my humble opinion is better than the original.

Cain & Abel: Service In His Shadow

A Warhammer 40,000 epic by Mike Stormm

-Ariel Abel

“Like any newly-commissioned young commissar I faced my first assignment with an eagerness mixed with trepidation. I was, after all, the visible embodiment of the will of the Emperor Himself; and I could scarce suppress the tiny voice which bade me wonder if, when tested, I would truly prove worthy of the trust bestowed upon me. When the test came at last, in the blood and glory of the battlefield, I had my answer; and my life changed forever.”

-Ciaphas Cain, ‘To Serve the Emperor: A Commissar’s Life’


I must admit, at first, that the thought of scripting my own memoirs had not crossed my mind until I casually glanced through the pages of the autobiography belonging to my long-time colleague, and Hero of the Imperium, Commissar Cain. These days, it seems as though every guardsman, commissar, and officer who manages to reach retirement with enough of their brain still functioning to string a few coherent sentences together invariably throws together a story and calls it their memoir or autobiography. I never really thought my military exploits were enough of a story to be worthy of telling. Mostly, I think I simply feared they would be overlooked. However, looking back on nearly a century of gallivanting around the galaxy stomping on the heads of heretics, xenos, and unholy terrors alike, I realized there is probably some sort of lesson that could be learned from it all. Somewhere in all the bloody warfare, profanity-inducing horror, closes brushes with the hand of death, and near-blasphemous deeds that made up the clusterfrak that was my career, there is something that can be passed onto the next generation of men and women that somehow make it all seem worthwhile. Damned if I can figure out what it is though.

Maybe those guys at the medicae temple really can do wonders and breathe life back into the dead.

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[40K] Writer’s Workshop – Untitled Guard Story

30/08/2012 in Warhammer 40K, Writer's Workshop

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NoPoet’s comment: This was Drakdylon’s entry to the Feb/March Writer’s Workshop, “It’s Cold Outside”, where the theme was that it had to be COLD – preferably a winter setting. Other than that it was up to the author. Let’s hope Drak returns to edit this excellent piece, which is currently unfinished.

Untitled Guard Story by Drakdylon

Cadet Commissar Titus Hadrian kept his cap pressed firmly against his head with his left hand, and with his right he gripped the casing of a valuable data-slate. He wasn’t exactly sure what kind of information the slate might contain, but he guessed it was important from its level of encryption.

Holding his hat tight to his scalp to keep it from being blown away by the buffeting winds so common on this world, he strode down the alleyways marked out by the tents which reared on either side. When there was a full-blown blizzard up, the whitish tents disappeared and the camp was rendered almost invisible by virtue of the ubiquitous arctic camo that decorated everything the eye could see.

Hadrian hated it here. He had been raised and trained on a hive-world, a place where the temperature never dropped below a balmy fifty-five unless the planetary governor wanted it to. It was an unnatural feeling, being thrust onto a world swathed in ice. Especially on one’s first field assignment.

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[40K] Shade of the Bazaar

21/08/2012 in Warhammer 40K

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This is my first post on this site. It’s fairly old, I wrote this over 2.5 years ago, I just happened to find a place to share it. Enjoy. Leave comments if you will, I am open minded to comments and criticism.


Isaias looked at the broken man under his shoe, a fine trickle of blood was all that remained of the torrent that been springing from the criminal’s neck only moments ago. He savored this moment of macabre justice, for he well knew that like last time, this sweet tang of bloodlust filling his veins would dissipate and force him into a withdrawal as it had countless times before.

He must find new prey to give chase in his endless hunt. His cravings subjugated it to their whims, and he knew full well that he was a helpless pawn in their ocean of desire. He no longer even attempted to resist the urge to destroy life as though it was an object of disgust. Yet every time Isaias slaughtered the worthless criminals some still considered humanity, crawling and allowed to fester like cancer in the lawless undercroft of Imperita – which the Arbites and Sororitas Zealots were too overwhelmed to hunt for themselves – he felt power bordering upon the supernatural. As though he could take a walk in the warp itself and have its denizens bow before him, he desired no other drug, or comfort that could bring similar arousal knowing that the Emperor allowed him to enjoy his work.

Mercifully, underneath the burning forges of Imperita where Korzack Satasian Law and Imperial Rule faded with the natural light of the star Lorkan V blasting the sterile earth above there was no end to the scum of the universe, and with it hardly a pause before he could savor the killing blow once more.
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Quotes from Around the Imperium

12/05/2011 in Warhammer 40K

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“They have cast a fire of sin on the land, and are guarding it until it is an unquenchable inferno. Bring forth the waters of hell…”         Inquisitor Kalhn, at the outset of the Purging of Demelor IV
“My Brothers! Never has our faith encountered so insidious an enemy! Never have we had to fight so bitter a threat. The dark minds of the aggressor will not rest until they have destroyed the memory of our enlightenment utterly; or until they themselves are brought to faith! To arms my brothers, to arms!”

Final words of the demagogue Ihran Veil, as recorded by the sensor array on the Vindicare assassin’s headset prior to Veil’s subsequent elimination.


“Who can say what drives them? We can only say that any planet overrun by them is seemingly annihilated, and that a terrible hatred is said to be imbued into their very being. A hatred of all things warm and living. Rumours are spoken in fearful whispers about the Old Ones, ancient, mad gods from the dawn of time; leading these cold killers from silent tombs. Personally, I see little to fear. We are protected by a planetary defence system unrivalled in this sub-sector, and over one hundred thousand members of the PDF stand between any incursion and this hive’s occupants. The Governor’s main concerns are mostly regarding “Ogshnak Grishtak’s” marauding Orkish fleets, not a half-imagined legion of long-dead ghosts. Don’t worry my friend, you can sleep peacefully I am sure.”
Extract of a letter from Jaynor Fi-Quin, first assistant to the Governor of Condor Prime’s Secretary, to a personal friend (both resident in Condoria Magna). Twenty-seven hours later several Necron vessels of varying size and class rapidly penetrated the defence ring. The ruined remains of Condoria Magna, not to mention several other sizeable hive-cities, were discovered when the first PDF detachments finally arrived on the scene of the landings. Of an estimated 145 million residents, only 47 have thus far been found alive, and a further 79 million found dead. Of the 47 survivors, only 8 were capable of coherent speech, amongst them Jaynor Fi-Quin. All were absolved by the Ecclesiarchy through death.


“In my right hand I carry the Emperor’s justice! With my left I enforce His will! Above me flock His Angels of Fury! And you think I fear you? The Emperor has no place for abominations in His universe!”

Grand-Master LePole of the Blazing Fists Space Marine Chapter, in challenge to the Chaos war leader Malcoer Ceth on Arca Tertiary.


“Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen! The time has come! No longer will we wallow in obscurity and watch our illustrious heritage waste away into dust. No longer will the masses rule our streets and despoil our land. No longer will we, the true un-tainted elite, be cast aside as worthless scions of a long-gone age! Tonight the new order begins! Tonight, Taransa will taste order! Raise your glasses for one last toast, and then load your weapons. Tonight, we hunt.”

Quintinian Fellio Nagaram DiTaransasai, 1412th Marquis of Taransa, at a dinner-party hosted by the Duke of Carvel, addressing a party of high-class land-owners. Hours after this was recorded, DiTaransasai began a two-year long mass program of murder, killing over 65% of the working class population of the northern continent of Taransa – a total of almost 128 million Imperial citizens. The governor of the system, Elebe Dirai, applauded his actions; citing the longstanding disobedience of the populace as excellent grounds for mass execution*. However, since the sheer volume of deaths caused a 15-year long economic depression across the whole system, Dirai was forced to place DiTaransasai under permanent house arrest in his 445 room mansion, and to pay a heavy fine. A Ministerium report recorded just punishment.

*Interestingly, only 5 years after this campaign, a large-scale uprising in the northern continent by the people had to be put down by almost three regiments of Guardsmen. Evidently in this region the use of extraordinary force is not entirely effective, or needs to be applied more judiciously.


“4: And so the Valiant Ares passed out of Herosh Gitam into the Linithean Gulf, with all the vessels of Cedus in her wake. 5: Through Linithea to Manit-Ko’aon called the Refuge the fleet did pass, where they rested for a month. Manit-Ko’aon was called the Refuge for here they did rest. 6: It was at this time, in Manit-Ko’aon which was called the Refuge, where the IMPERATOR first passed his wisdom down to Baa’t, son of Hura of the line of Nathaniel. 7: “Go unto the Ceduans and tell them that they are to travel without Geller Fields as far as Nen-Hud in the Dominica Sector. For I am around them and among them and shall protect them” Said the IMPERATOR unto Baa’t. 8: Baa’t was afraid and cried out in anguish to the Light; “Light of the Darkness how can I do this that thou ask? How will they know I speak truth from thee?” 9: The IMPERATOR said unto Baa’t “They shall know by the fire of thy tongue and the force of thy hand. When they say ‘Thou speak false and shall be killed for thine blasphemy’ say unto them ‘The Light is in me’ and a fire shall spring from thy tongue. 10: When they say ‘Thou art a demon or are possessed and shall be cleansed by destruction’ reach out thine hand and speak my NAME so that they may feel my power through thee.’ 11: And so Baa’t went forth unto the Ceduans and said ‘Listen to me for I speak truth! Rely not on the Geller Fields, but rely on the IMPERATOR for thy defence!’ 12: When the people heard what Baa’t said, they were afraid and made accusations against Baa’t to quiet him. They said ‘Thou art a liar and shall be killed.’13: But Baa’t said ‘The Light is in me’ and fire sprang up from his tongue and the people were quietened. 14: Amongst the people some remained who turned from the Light’s truth and said of Baa’t ‘He is a demon or else possessed by demons, and we must cleanse him through destruction as the Constitutions demand’. 15: But Baa’t put forth his hand and spoke the NAME of the Light, and the people felt the Light’s power through Baa’t. 16: And so the Ceduans set out from Manit-Ko’aon without Geller Fields, and came unto the system of Nen-Hud. Not one ship was lost or damaged; no engine or hull-plate attacked. 17: For the IMPERATOR was with them and among them and was their defence from the Warp.”

Extract from Chapter 7 (vv. 4-17) of the Book of Baa’t from the Ekhad Cycle, a religious book mostly suppressed in the Imperium by the Inquisition due to heresies within its pages. However for various reasons, and after much debate and extensive defensive editing, extracts were released for scholarly study to certain trusted individuals in the Ecclesiarchy’s upper echelons. This passage has come into slightly wider use as an example of how faith in the Emperor’s divine power and presence can overcome anything, even the immesurable power and menace of the Warp.


“Give me an Imperial Man’o’War, and I’ll give you the universe”

Flag-Captain Jaystor DeMiglio to Admiral Velik Van der Hugot at the outset of the Ecran Crusade


“Bayaatu Mayellati! Siniata Kama Bayaatu! Akwanolo mi walu Bayaatu.”

Common worshipful chant, in the local dialect, from Mbinguni III. A rough translation runs something like ‘The Emperor Protects! Praise the Great Emperor! Indeed we have the Emperor’s love.”


“I feel a new dawn rising. Tomorrow we will step forth onto that blasted plain, everyone of us, and march forth towards glorious victory or else to oblivion. Tomorrow, we will decide the fate of our people. We stand on the brink of annihilation; to fail here is to condemn everything we have worked for. To succeed is to pass into history in a blaze of glory. I will not send you out to your deaths alone – I will lead you forth. None can avoid this final test. I shall not try to.”

Final address of Marshall Kyson before the Battle of Pollifar Green, notorious in the history of the Fallas Conflict as the bloodiest battle in terms of militia and conscript deaths. Although few records survive from that region after several Chapters of Astartes wiped out the Chaos invaders in the system over the course of a few years, tentative estimates suggest that Marshall Kyson led over four hundred thousand infantry, perhaps half of them actually armed with weapons, across the 15 kilometre long strip of land just 800m wide between the Jury’s Redoubt and Pollinear Ridge. Unsupported by armour, artillery, air cover or orbital bombardments, the attack was a disaster. The few reports that made it out of the area suggested that the estimated thirty thousand traitors stationed along the length of Pollinear Ridge simply set their weapons to auto and stepped back to watch the massacre. Although horrifically expensive in terms of loss of life, Kyson’s desperate gambit allowed the Techpriest Fitzlear Gaon to escape with the Veruy Key, preventing a cataclysmic collapse of the system’s star.


“Come to me, oh Bretheren! Build together a temple of bones and an altar of skulls! Lift your lips to the red rain and sate the unquenchable thirst! Come to me and praise Him by my side! We offer worship and devotion to the Blood-drinker! We offer our own bodies and blood to the ultimate honour of sacrifice – come now with me Brothers to the White Plains, and await the benediction of the Feasters!”

Last address of the heretic and psyker Juran Ho’pau to the so-called “Convocation of the Brothers of Asinis” before the whole Convocation (around 240,000 former residents of Kattimar Secondary, converts to the heretical teachings of Ho’pau during the –BLOCKED- system uprising) marched over 30km to the edge of a small desert where the local predator called a Boneworm proceeded to devour all of them. Pict-drones watching from high altitude recorded the whole event and it is astonishing viewing: not one person tried to escape the rampaging creature, who rose up out of the dust (later testing has shown that the dust is in fact millenia-old bone, ground to powder by the elements and the digestive systems of the Boneworms) swallowing hundreds of people at a time, or slither across the surface with its large mouth wide open to scoop its prey up as it went. Rough estimates suggest that from the size and average depth of the ‘White Plains’ that there are the powdered remains of upwards of 960 million humans in the bone-dust desert. At the time of writing, the planet in question, -BLOCKED- was facing an Exterminatus Extremis order by both the Ecclesiarchy and the Inquisition.


“Cancers are excised wherever they are found. If they are found early, they can be removed by a surgeon’s scalpel and the patient saved. If they spread far and wide around the body however, then the patient may die. If the cancer is allowed to grow unchecked for too long there is no saving the victim, and they surely die – their body consigned to the flames. The same can be said of heresy. Catch it early in the mind of a man, and he may be saved, through quick and decisive action, and only if he is willing to be saved. The same can be said of any society – catch it early, in a small number of individuals and it can be excised carefully and quickly without harming the whole. Unnoticed heresy will spread and fester, growing in strength and passing to others with ever increasing speed. Eventually it will take over and whole planets can be lost to its insidious embrace. The Inquisition is a physician with a scalpel. Where we find heresy we cut it out and destroy it. We work carefully and with the same delicacy as a surgeon – and by acting so we save the whole. But sometimes we are too late, or heresy goes un-noticed for too long. And then the time for the scalpel ends, and we must bring forth the torch.”

Inquisitor Joranati Payquelle D’Anzia, minutes before she ordered the Battlecruiser Justice of Pyron to commence a void-bomb bombardment that annihilated the entire population of Chernobak VI.

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Documenting A Necron Invasion

17/09/2009 in Warhammer 40K

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=Documenting a Necron Invasion=

A Warhammer 40,000 story by The No Poet

Do not trust anything I say in this vox log. What you hear will be hard to take. I speak the truth, and the truth is a lie.

I am a survivor. My name…I’m not going to tell you that. It’s important they don’t know who I am. Oh Throne, oh Throne…they won’t get me in here. They can’t. They don’t know me, they don’t know what I know. I can feel them searching for me! It brushes against me like fingers down a chalkboard, like fingernails being drawn along the curve of my spine. That reaching mind…like a searchlight beam sweeping the foliage, looking for hidden soldiers.

Toy soldiers, all in a line. All dead without their skins or their faces. Meat for the machines.

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0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes
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