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Tyran’s Last Day

20/11/2009 in Warhammer 40K

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And the tide of death sweeps onwards.

Darkness in the Warp, a shadow rising that drove the psykers insane with dreams of clicking claws and scraping chitin, a shadow that slashed through the cobweb-thin strands of fellowship between the worlds of humanity. In the true darkness of the void, the ships are coming, great gliding crustaceans of yellowed ivory trawling through the black desert between the stars, always seeking and moving.

Always hungry.

But before the Hive rose like a trillion-strong swarm of hideous wasps, before a name was forged from the remains of a dead and broken world, before even the twisting tendrils of a mind too vast and slow to comprehend first touched the realm of men and began to drain it dry…

A world fell to the horde, a world of raging oceans and deadly predators that knew not that they were only prey, a world that christened the death that would soon threaten every world of humanity. Tyran was consumed by the darkness of the Swarm and although the world was forgotten in the grim feast that still continues to this day, for a thousand men and women, it was home.

This is Tyran’s last day.

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Colossus, Chapter II: Goading Golgotha

09/07/2009 in Warhammer 40K

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The carryall, Abiatha, BC class, wallowed in the Warp. It was her element, her vast curves slipping through the Chaotic swirls and tides so effortlessly she barely left a wake. Indeed, she hardly appeared to move – rather the Warp gently hefted her, passing her incredible bulk along her vectors like a protective parent might carry a child through a throng.

Throne, but the Immaterium loves this ship.

Two of Navigator Gui Malish Uther’s eyes were shut. The vision of the third, a lidless, oily black orb in the middle of his grey forehead, was unimpeded… but it was not attuned to normal light and did not see the opulent furnishings of the navigator’s pit. The glories and the terrors of the Immaterium, the whorls and worlds of the Warp, the Unlight of the Chaotic Realms, were its exclusive purview.

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Lost Regiment

30/03/2009 in Warhammer 40K

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$100 Contest Entry by Mike Toper

He didn’t exist. There were no thoughts, no emotion. He didn’t feel the leaf litter under his belly or the heat on his back. He was dimly aware that his squad were around him, but he only saw them as surrounding terrain. They weren’t friends, they weren’t even men. Colonel Envoyer had lost all sense of self.

All he saw was the clearing in front of him and the shadow-dappled orks stamping through it. All he heard was the roar of their engines and their hoarse cries. The only parts of his body he felt were his trigger finger, and the shoulder where he had jammed his stormbolter.

The warband were twenty yards away, surging through the forest. They had no inkling of what was waiting for them – they only felt the rage in their blood driving them on. Envoyer grudgingly admired their sense of purpose, but they’d do better to move slower and look around them occasionally.

Ten yards…

“Now,” he whispered into his vox-caster.

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