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[NEWS] Working for The Man

28/06/2015 in Imp Lit News

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Greetings Imp Litters. Following our previous update many moons ago, I have been hammering away at my fiction. I’ve been recruited, along with nine other writers considered to be “top guns” over at, to write a story for an unofficial Horus Heresy anthology called Age of Horror. (What an awesome name!)

My entry features the Death Guard while they are still loyal to the Emperor, battling against a highly militarised species called the Klenikk, a xenos race who believe humanity is a pawn of the Primordial Annihilator and have declared war against the fledgling Imperium. This should appeal to anyone who’s sick of Heresy novels always being Space Marines versus human rebels, and anyone who, like myself, are wondering why the Death Guard are all but absent from the Heresy literature (although, in fairness, they were the first Legion to get their own novel after the opening Sons of Horus trilogy).

In the meantime I have also submitted samples of my writing to the Games Workshop in response to their open submission policy, so I should be getting my rejection notice from them in about three weeks or so! They have been dropping hints that some rejected writers haven’t been entirely dismissed, so for the next few weeks I’ll be engaged in reading and writing Heresy fiction to study the masters.

Hopefully I’ll find time to squeeze in more fiction on Imperial Literature over the coming days.

Peace out and count the seven,


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[NEWS] The future of Imp Lit

07/06/2015 in Imp Lit News

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Greetings all.

Currently updates to Imp Lit are still on hold. As I mentioned in my last update, I have finally commenced treatment for a rather severe case of ADHD, though this has been hampered and delayed by medical incompetence. Instead of beginning treatment in February I ended up starting it late April/early May.

I don’t know anyone else who’s ever had a diagnosis of ADHD, let alone commenced treatment for it, so I’ve been operating in the dark; nobody in the medical profession knew what dose of medication would help or how long it would take to start working, if it did anything at all. I was also diagnosed with asperger syndrome. The ADHD and asperger traits pull against each other quite often, which makes it difficult to know whether I’m coming or going, and it has rendered me unable to fulfill long-term or important responsibilities, such as running a once-popular website.

Well the good news is I’ve been taking a medication called strattera (atomoxetine) which has had a profound impact on me. Being an aspie, I can only tolerate a low dose, too low to completely break the hold autism and ADHD have over my behaviour, but more than enough to boost me into building a new life. I haven’t been taking my current dose for long enough to see maximum benefit. Consequently, I have days where I am fearless and inspired, and others where I just can’t seem to get anything done.

The benefits of strattera have been unexpected. I haven’t suddenly developed laser focus, or become mega-popular (although I definitely get on better with people now), or churned out three novels in a month. It’s gradually helping me to take control over my thoughts and feelings in a way that I simply couldn’t conceive of before. I am developing an intense drive to get out into the world and experience what I’ve been missing. This new sensation has actually taken me further away from my writing as I now want to experience life first hand, rather than sit at home writing about it.

So I still intend to work on Imp Lit and get new stories up, and as Gideon helpfully pointed out the story section needs work so that people can actually view things by category. This will happen – but I have got a long way to go in my personal life, there are still a few things that need fixing there before I can return to Imp Lit and fix that too.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thanks for your continued patronage of Imp Lit.


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[NEWS] February 2015 update – user registration

05/02/2015 in Imp Lit News

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Greetings all. It has been many moons since I promised new stories. Unfortunately, real life has had plans for me and I have barely got anything done since the beginning of January. I also haven’t been able to do anything to try to restore Imp Lit to its former glory.

I’m concerned that some members are being blocked from registering or re-registering, or even just posting on the forums, by Imp Lit’s spam software. There is plenty of legitimate traffic to the site, just no posts, so there’s obviously something going wrong.

I had to install heavy-duty anti-spam software due to relentless spam attacks throughout 2013 and early 2014. If any members are reading this and are having problems, PLEASE EMAIL ME on and I will investigate.

I have caught several attempted registrations from long-standing members who have been barred, without my intention to do so, by the spam filters. These should have all been corrected but I simply do not know if it’s worked.

From mid-February 2015 onwards, and for the first time in my life, I will be receiving support for ADHD which I was diagnosed with at the end of 2013. I have been told that the personal benefits of this treatment could be significant and I should hopefully be more productive, better able to focus on bringing Imp Lit back to life. It may be a gradual process though, I’m venturing into the unknown here.

An email will be going out to all members soon asking you all to confirm whether or not you are able to post and/or re-register (if required) on the forums.

I’ll also be investigating new options for spam blocking that won’t prevent members from returning or signing up.


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[20K] Revised 20K Timeline (updated April 2013)

17/03/2013 in 20K, Imp Lit News

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20K is the unofficial Warhammer 40,000 prequel series which I have been working on for a number of years. There are two “phases” to 20K and three “series” of stories.

The early stages of 20K, where humanity is emerging from its safe bases in Solar Segment and beginning to explore the galaxy, hoping to make contact with the fabled One Hundred Worlds. Human technology is limited and humanity begins to learn that alien races are generally hostile and untrustworthy.

A more confident and technically proficient

The following is a rough timeline including every 20K story that I am writing or plan to write. I have tried to remove as many spoilers as possible. Note that the timeline is subject to change and is undergoing constant revision.
This is “phase one” of 20K, a desperate time of derring-do. Phase 2, if I ever get that far, has a more mature and more adventurous tone with less of the grimness and grittiness of some of the earlier stories. Look for the crossovers and in-jokes as they appear. Fans of 40K as well as fans of general science fiction should find lots to be happy about.
Please ignore any repetitions or minor mistakes, this is the beta version and I already have the events right in my mind.
40K’s mysterious and exciting history finally comes to life in tales of terror and adventure. Join the brave human pioneers of the Terran Empire as they begin their expansion into a galaxy where anything is possible.
FRL = Fearless series
EW = Earthwatch series
SOL = Solstice series
Stories which do not have a series designation are independent stories (in TV parlance they would be “bottle shows”)
NOTE: Significant information is (deliberately) missing from the following timeline! Dates and events are subject to change.
20K Date Timeline
Date Unknown – The Eldar race has become factionalised by hedonism and decadence. Illegal fighting contests and worship of the proscribed god Khaine slowly overtake the fabled city-state of Commoranth, the City of Souls.
Date Unknown – A Chinasian colony receives human visitors who claim to be from the future. These visitors, mighty warriors who say their home planet was destroyed in a cataclysmic war, lend their efforts to the colony’s Human Genhancement Project – with horrific results. (“Faithless”)-[NOTE: This story is currently in progress as of August 2013]
975.M21 – Starships of the Alneran Republic, a hostile alien species whose territory lies within Solar Segment, encounter a mysterious alien being and take him prisoner. The strange hostage escapes when a Terran Navy ship attacks the Alnerans; the being will later turn up in Terran space, where his strange behaviour confounds his human rescuers. (“The Man Without A Past”)-[NOTE: This story is currently in progress as of March 2013]
978.M21 – XMS Southern Cross encounters R’Shan, a member of an unidentified alien species who has been conducting unknown warp experiments within Terran space. (“The Man From Nowhere”)
978.M21 – The Fireblade prototype fighter begins its initial tests, intended to replace the Saxon class fighter. While on combat manoeuvres, a squadron of Fireblades falls foul of a renegade Eldar space fighter. (“Flight of the Fireblade”)
985.M21 – The Centaur class light cruiser is commissioned, intended as a gradual replacement for the legendary Canyon class.
985.M21 – The Terran Empire discovers the first known Warp Gate within Solar Segment.
986.M21 – XMS Ontario and XMS Lexington are sent to investigate the Warp Gate. During the mission, a previously unknown problem with the Ontario’s Gellar Shield hurls the ship into a time-travelling, galaxy-spanning adventure, during which humanity makes first contact with followers of the daemon god Nurgle. (“Ghostwalkers”) [NOTE: This story is currently being revised as of March 2013]
986.M21 – An expedition team of the Pan-Pacific Treaty, a coalition of coporations and nation-states who wish to remain independent of the Terran Empire, discovers a world belonging to the long-vanished Chinasian Bloc. The world has long been abandoned, but the expedition discovers disturbing evidence that the colonists had been conducting genetic experiments influenced by men who claimed to have travelled from the distant future – a time of terrible civil war. (“Legacy of the Future”)
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[NEWS] Ability to make posts should be restored now

12/12/2012 in Imp Lit News

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After all the anti-spam measures, I confess that I forgot to edit the roles for genuine members of the site, which is why most of you have not been able to post. I wondered why everyone was silent despite high bandwidth use :\

This should now be fixed. Any technical gremlins you may still have with posting should be resolved today.

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[NEWS] New fiction, new spam filters

09/12/2012 in Imp Lit News

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There are two new stories up. These have been rattling around in the Pending queue for years, mostly because they were not in a particularly fit state to publish, but I tidied them up and submitted them at long last.

There is a new Marneus Calgar Christmas Special which is undergoing final re-writing; this should have been the 2011 Xmas Special, but I was unable to complete it back then. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

I am planning to breathe new life into Imp Lit which will begin either this month or January.This will include new fiction and new members from other websites. If someone feels they can devote more time to this than me, be advised Imp Lit is still up for sale.

Finally, I’ve made extensive improvements to the spam filters so we’ll see how that goes. You can no longer add tags to forum posts but you CAN add tags to your stories. If you submit fiction, PLEASE add as many tags to it as you can, since I shouldn’t have to do this for you!

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[NEWS] New Membership Requests

24/11/2012 in Imp Lit News

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From today, all potential new members will need to have their requests authorised personally by an admin such as myself. This comes about due to dozens of spam registrations which followed a recent update to the site’s software. (So that’s a good software update, thanks a lot WordPress.) The announcement I am making now is common sense and I shouldn’t have to explain myself twice.

To avoid being rejected and permanently banned from this website, please ensure your username meets the following criteria:

* It is not gibberish. Some members have difficult names, which is a different thing entirely, but no human would call themselves zvycykayo for example.

* It is not just a number.

* It is not offensive in any way. This kind of username is pretty rare, but if you want to announce to the world that you’re a dick, do it on Facebook rather than here.

* It is not an attempt to promote or sell something.

Your email address should also meet the following criteria:

* It is not gibberish. NOBODY uses

* It is not full of period signs (.): Some people have a full stop in their username, for example Nobody uses loads of them. Refer to the “it is not gibberish” point for an example of this rule.

Any membership applications which fail to meet these simple and common-sense requirements will be rejected out of hand and a permanent ban will be enforced. There will be no warning or second chances.

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[NEWS] Significant revision to site bandwidth

21/11/2012 in Imp Lit News

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Greetings all. My apologies for the recent outage.

While Imp Lit’s forum is quiet most of the time, there has been a significant increase in the amount of traffic to Imp Lit over the previous months. While some of this is no doubt due to recent spam attacks, there seems to be a higher than average number of people visiting the site.

Good news for all those who are hoping to get their stories read. People may not be commenting – that’s not unusual on the internet these days, I’m afraid – but hey, at least your stuff is being noticed 🙂

I have increased the amount of bandwidth available to Imp Lit by a significant amount. I’m in the process of learning the tools necessary to monitor and control traffic. A big thanks also to Ironfist, who has helped me out on this and other matters. All hail the hero Ironfist!

To those who have work in progress fiction on the Dashboard

Please take this opportunity to get onto the dashboard and copy/paste any unfinished stories onto your computer. If Imp Lit goes down for any reason you run the very real risk of losing your stuff. This also goes for finished stories which are now in the archive. While these would be fairly easy to retrieve should the worst happen, there’s no point in taking chances. I cannot be held responsible for any fiction that gets lost without being backed up by its author!

That’s not to say I expect further problems, this is just common sense.

What are you still doing here? Get your stuff backed up, then get those stories finished!

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Outage apologies!

26/09/2012 in Imp Lit News

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Hi all,

You may have noticed that Implit turned into a giant white page over the last couple of days. This was nothing sinister, just a simple technical glitch compounded by a mix-up over email…

Normal, stable service has been resumed (in fact the site’s more robust than it was before, believe it or not).

I’m personally looking forward to a bit of action on the Scion of the Emperor and Matters of Protocol story topics…

Over and out,


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[NEWS] New User Registrations: Please Read

14/09/2012 in Imp Lit News

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Greetings! Welcome back to Imperial Literature in this time of change. My thanks to Ironfist for all his work.

We are currently getting dozens of new member registrations per day. It is my belief that most of these are spam. For example, who creates a user name like “vkqalspuy” from the email address

From now on, if I am alerted by the system that someone with an apparently random user name and/or email address has registered on the forum, I will delete their user profile.

It is usually obvious to a human being (if not to an anti-spam script) whether an account is real or fake. My apologies to anyone who is inconvenienced by this but to be honest, nobody really will. It saddens me that there are so many spam bots simply trying to ruin other peoples’ user experiences. A sad indictment of today’s world where some people can only make themselves happy by taking their anger and depression out on people they don’t know.

I will probably set up a system requiring all new member registrations to be vetted by myself or Ironfist. At present, new members cannot contribute posts on the dashboard.

I’m not sure why we are being so bombarded with spam accounts but investigations are underway and if this can be traced back to an individual, as the indications are showing, then action will be taken.

That is all.

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